Missed calls

A missed call can mean missed business, so fixing the problem will start to pay off immediately. There are two parts to this, both of which are relatively easy to achieve.

One is reducing the number of calls you miss. There are several ways to do this, either by making sure that the call is answered more quickly or by encouraging the caller to stay on the line for longer.

The other, which is perhaps even more important, is Call Analytics. This gives you all sorts of essential information. For example, you’ll know how efficient and productive your team is. Or if you run ads with a phone number on them, you can see how effective they are.

Call Analytics can have many other uses too, such as monitoring how many calls your sales people are making, and recording calls so that they can be used for training or quality control.

In short, running a business without Call Analytics is like driving a car without a dashboard. Possible, but not recommended.


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