About Us

We are a fast-growing communications company with some very ambitious goals.

We want to connect our customers to the world. Today’s communications technology means that a business can link with customers, staff and suppliers across the globe easily and swiftly without needing a worldwide network of people and premises.

We want to help businesses to provide a better customer experience. If your customers never visit your premises, their experience of communicating with you is paramount. It is, in effect, your brand, and it makes communications the cornerstone of your business success.

We want to help our customers build better businesses. Businesses in which people collaborate easily, systems adapt as the business develops, and managers have the data that shows them where improvements are needed most.

When he started Silver Cloud, Tony Quinn set high standards. He was determined to build a business that is not just driven by sales but is based on respect, empathy and trust. That is what sets us apart from our competitors, and it is why we enjoy positive relationships with our customers and everyone that helps us to help them.

It has also helped us to grow rapidly. We offer a high-quality support service which uses highly skilled engineers. We respond more quickly to our customer’s requests because we deal direct with our partners, and do as much as possible in-house.

To stay focused on that vision, we apply four key values in everything we do.

Our values

We are proactive.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to help our clients, and to head off problems before they arise. We start by asking questions, so that we fully understand what each client needs before we even start to design a solution.

We are passionate.

We never run out of energy or enthusiasm. We’re obsessed with knowing all about the latest products, and finding ways to use them that will transform our customers’ communications.

We are professional.

We keep our promises. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we say so. We’ll do our homework, and come back with the information you need. We speak clearly, using plain language.

We are personable.

We do this work because we love it, and we never forget that our business is about people. A customer is not just a tick on a chart – we try to connect with everyone in a personal way.

Our approach

For every client, we approach each challenge with three things firmly in mind.

Creativity comes first. After spending time to understand your business, your needs and challenges, we design the right communication strategy for you. Because we understand the market and have access to all the best solutions, we can design a system that gives you all the benefits you want. And quite possibly some other ones that you didn’t know were possible.

Second, connectivity. Connecting your business to the world and your people to each other. A better experience for your customers, a more efficient and collaborative operation – and real commercial benefits. We’ll make sure that everything is fit for the future too, so that you can easily adapt as the communications world changes.

The result: productivity. With your communication solution installed, you’ll notice an instant boost to your efficiency and performance. And with our UK-wide service and support, whenever you need it, your communication equipment is constantly monitored. This means we can suggest improvements and better manage your communication needs.

So if you want to work with a business that thinks bigger and tries harder; if you think your operation could be more efficient; if you want everyone involved with your business to communicate better… get in touch with us. You can also check out our case studies.