Improving customer relations

We’ve all experienced it: waiting for ages for your call to be answered, having to explain who you are, then being put through to someone who can’t help. We’ve also – perhaps less often – felt how good it is to deal with a business that knows straightaway who you are and what you buy from them, understands its products and services, and quickly deals with requests and problems.

The difference between the two is almost entirely down to having the right communications solution and using it to best effect.

You can ensure that calls are always directed to the right person, wherever they are. Add caller ID. Make better use of time on hold by playing professionally scripted and recorded messages. Bring up the customer’s data file automatically. And much more. There are many different applications, and the combination that’s right for your business depends on how you operate and how your customers want to communicate with you. We’ll examine those questions, then guide and advise you.


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