Hewats Solicitors and Estate Agents: a future-proof and flexible solution

The background

Hewats Solicitors was founded in 1841. The firm currently operates with one partner and a team of five lawyers. They do a variety of work for different clients, including conveyancing and property law, agricultural law, and family law. They combine a full range of legal expertise with great local knowledge.

The Estate Agency department is headed by Marion Walker. Together, Marion and her three assistants provide a full range of Estate Agency services throughout Dumfries and Galloway. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver an efficient and effective service that meets their clients’ individual needs in a friendly, helpful and practical manner.

It’s a very competitive sector in which you have to maintain an excellent standard to prosper, as Marion Walker explains: “In this competitive world, where online bites the heel of every service industry, we’ve maintained a strong reputation in the local community. Families have continued to use us from one generation to the next, and we strive to attract new clients who are shopping around for a great service at a competitive price.”


The challenge

In 2016, the firm invited Silver Cloud to suggest an alternative to its existing analogue phone system. “It was a bit archaic,” says Marion. “You pretty much put 50p in and cranked a handle.”

Marion was immediately impressed – not just by Silver Cloud’s proposal and their expertise, but also by their personable approach. As Hewats’ success is built on maintaining strong personal relationships, naturally they responded to Silver Cloud’s similar values. Marion says: “I liked the way that they were able to clearly give details of the phone system and what the benefits to us would be. That was what stood out the most. Other companies just sent in a quote on a piece of paper.”


Our solution

After analysing Hewats’ existing situation, we identified that the biggest opportunity was to improve efficiency by routing calls in a more flexible way. We proposed a Horizon system to do just that.

The new system brought some other big benefits too, in particular the fact that it is ‘future-proof’. It will not be made obsolete by changing technologies in the foreseeable future, and service support will be available for many years to come. So Hewats’ investment will continue to pay off long-term, and everyone can concentrate on serving their customers without worrying about that being disrupted by technical issues.

Next step: installation. “The process was really painless,” says Marion. “Their customer service skills were second to none. The staff members in charge of the installation process kept us informed throughout. Communication, planning and implementation were all excellent. The whole team was quick, slick and professional.”


The result

The new Horizon system has improved Hewats’ communications in many ways, says Marion. “The new telecommunications phone system has allowed the firm to segregate our incoming calls. We are able to monitor the calls coming in on the URN numbers for each department – Legal and Estate Agency services. The system is more reliable, provides disaster recovery more quickly if there is an interruption to the service, and has features we never had with our old provider. Direct dial numbers mean that my team members can still communicate with clients Outwith office hours, if required.”

The firm also gets a lot of useful data from the Silver Cloud system: “As a manager, I can run reports on each individual handset and on the system a whole. This information is critical to our business: it enables me to see how the system is being used and what we may require going forward. For example, more staffing at peak periods, how many of our calls come in after office hours, who uses our voicemail and so on.”

And to top it all, it costs them less per year than the old system. Marion points out that renting the hardware also has benefits, as there are no extra maintenance costs: “If anything goes wrong, Silver Cloud will provide a new part or replace a whole handset if necessary.”

Over the last three years, Marion has consistently been impressed with Silver Cloud and the team that manage the firms account, “The Silver Cloud team deliver excellent service. Let’s be honest, clients’ relationships with their suppliers are really relationships that have been built by working closely the with team members on the ground.”

Would Marion recommend Silver Cloud? “Yes. In fact, I’ve already recommended them to another firm in the local area.”

Their customer service skills were second to none. The staff members in charge of the installation process kept us informed throughout. Communication, planning and implementation were all excellent. The whole team was quick, slick and professional.

Marion Walker

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